Hangar Time!

The hangar – that underappreciated but so necessary aircraft accessory. But it’s more than just a storage facility. Aircraft owners and personnel spend a lot of time here, sprucing up the plane or making repairs. Might as well make it comfy, right?

Or perhaps you’d like to get more mileage out of your hangar. Looking for a fun new venue for a holiday party? Or perhaps a fundraiser? Family reunion? Anytime you need a large space to accommodate a big group of people, an airplane hangar just might be the ticket. People host all sort of events in hangars, from wine festivals to weddings.

Every year, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar hosts a Top Gun party in a hangar. The active airbase is the ‘real’ Top Gun flight school. Check out the transformation of the hangar into party venue!

Perhaps attending a party or event in a hangar isn’t enough for you. You can join the growing ranks of people that have either renovated a hangar into a home, like Ivo Zdarsky did in a remote part of Utah or Robert Severance, Jr., in Florida. And then there’s the neighborhood with 75 feet wide streets and a hangar on every lot.

Sometimes general aviation airports need more hangar space or owners decide they need a new hangar. AOPA offers a great resource that explains how to get started planning your hangar.

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