Handle In-flight Emergencies the Right Way

First aid kit

Preparation and technology are the keys to handling in-flight medical emergencies, which can happen at any time. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all Part 91 flight crew members to be trained in emergency procedures, including handling medical emergencies and the use of first-aid medical equipment. After all, in a real medical emergency, time is the most important factor.

Even though the number of passengers traveling on a charter jet is far fewer than on the typical commercial flight, passengers who experience an in-flight medical emergency are just as frightened, and there are fewer crewmembers to handle the emergency.

Short of putting a physician on board every flight, some technology solutions like the Tempus IC telemedicine device, standard on all NetJet’s Signature Series aircraft, is a pretty close compromise. Remote Diagnostic Technologies, Ltd. (RDT) has designed a telemedicine solution that transmits vital signs and other patient data via the aircraft’s onboard satellite communications capability to physicians on the ground who can direct the crew to handle the emergency.

“This kind of control over a medical emergency is paramount when you may only have minutes to act,” says RDT Chief Executive, Graham Murphy.

MedAire is credited with providing the world’s first global emergency response center for aviators and offers medical kits for business and general aviation crews. Through MedAir services, crewmembers can quickly connect with an emergency room doctor for advice and assistance when a medical situation arises.

Private aviation operators and corporate air departments should also make 100% certain they keep their aircraft crew’s training up to date and offer emergency medical training to help them learn how to operate the onboard medical equipment in an in-flight medical emergency.

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