A great Website to help you plan the next trip

Where to next?

Still trying to figure out where to take that jet of yours?

Well figure no more!

101 Holidays has got you covered!

The TimesOnline calls this site, “one of the top 10 best new travel websites.” With customizable options, 101 Holidays will get you off the ground before you know it!

You start by choosing how you want to choose your trip! Your options include; “type of experience,” “price per person,” and “destination.” Or you can simply click on one of the 101 colorful destination pictures selected by two of the UK’s leading travel writers David Wickers and Mark Hodson. You can even take a quiz to help your decision making.


Where has this been all our lives?

They have even covered the “short breaks” and honeymoon destination decisions too! You can literally be your own travel agent.

You say that you can’t just take off on vacation tomorrow? Well playing on the website is just as fun! The pictures are beautiful, and it’s always fun to plan your dream vacation… you never know- it might just happen!


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