Forecasts Of Business Jet Recovery Continue

We are continuing to get reports from all of the sectors in the industry that the slide has slowed and the recovery has begun.  It may be wishful thinking on the part of many of the manufacturers at this point but not for two separate business jet companies.

Business Jet Traveler reports that Bombardier CEO and President Pierre Beaudoin opines that he feels that the economic recovery is shown through the idea that less cancellations are occurring from customers.  He specifically states that Bombardier is “starting to see signs of recovery as shown by the significant reduction in business aircraft order cancellations”, and this is backed by the statistics that during the second quarter this year they only had 26 cancellations of ordered aircraft while the same time period last year showed 80 cancellations.  It appears that their orders may also be on the rise.

It is also reported that Gulfstream is seeing the market begin to get better and that it is not where it needs to be in the big picture but it is on the rise and headed in the right direction.

With these two companies showing signs of improvement and other manufacturers beginning to report the same numbers and forecasts, we can begin to see that the economic problems for companies in this industry may soon be able to recover from some of the worst conditions seem in a recent memory.

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