Florida Governor Not A Friend To State Owned Business Jets

The new Florida governor is keeping a promise to residents of Florida and is selling off the private jets owned by the state. The newly elected Rick Scott has directed his staff to liquidate the two business jets owned, a 2000 Beechcraft King Air 350, and a 2003 Cessna Bravo. This is seen as a political move that will obviously be seen as a way for the state to cut back on costs and will add to the difficulties faced by the business aviation industry to not be seen as a perk business for others. Florida’s governor stated:

“The privilege of using a state-owned aircraft is an unnecessary burden to taxpayers, especially when lower-cost travel options exist.”

An interesting understory to the issue is that the governor used his own private aircraft during the campaign trail to be elected to the governor’s spot. According to the Florida Aviation Trade Association executive director, Paula Raeburn, the governor knows about the benefits of using the business aircraft as a business tool as she stated:

“Scott used his own corporate aircraft extensively during his campaign, so he knows what a resource and business tool an aircraft is.”

The business aircraft will be sold at auction on February 9, and experts are believing that the bids on the aircraft will begin at about $2M. The average of the cost of the aircraft is about 2.75M according to reports. It will be interesting to note if the new governor will use his own aircraft and bill the state for its use or asked to be reimbursed for the use of his own aircraft.

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