Fire Fighting in Private Jets

Lithium batteries, found in laptops and cellphones, have been known to spontaneously overheat and catch fire, creating potentially life-threatening situations during flight. As personal electronic device (PED) use has become commonplace for business air travel, equipping your aircraft with a firebag system is an essential safety precaution.

In the event of a lithium battery fire, the FAA recommends immediately following these steps in order:

  • Spray the burning appliance with a fire extinguisher containing Halon to suppress the flames.
  • Thoroughly douse the device with water to reduce the battery’s core temperature and prevent a hot lithium-ion cell from igniting other cells in the battery pack (a common occurrence called “thermal runaway”).
  • Using heat-resistant gloves, place the device in a firebag for containment.

On-board firebag systems are supplied by these manufacturers:

  • AirCare Access — The Aircare FireSock ™ Lithium Battery Risk Management System sells for $339.00 U.S. (includes bag, gloves and a sealable storage tube to hold 80 ounces of water)
  • Ship It AOG — The Fire-Fighter firebag sells for $1075.00 U.S. (includes bag and gloves)

It’s important to note that firebags are only one weapon in an on-board fire arsenal and aren’t intended to replace fire extinguishers or water. The combined use of these tools, however, is essential to safe air travel in our electronic age.

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