Embraer Gets Certification For New Legacy 650

Catching up on more of the news that came out of the NBAA show last week we hear news that Embraer has news that the new Legacy 650 has now had its certification and is able to begin handling passengers.  The Legacy 650 is a large class jet with a a longer range than the current 600 model which is the previous type jet.  The new jet has a capacity to fly up to 3900 nautical miles carrying 4 passengers and can accomplish this feat as a result of improvements to the landing gear fuel tanks and the wing system.  The jet was launched last year during the down turn according to their representatives and the Legacy 650 is helping them during this downturn.

The Legacy 650 is helping Embraer as a result of the it being a new jet and not having any on the used market which has increased their sales in this area.  We are seeing many companies not launching new jets as it is not the best timing during this economic downturn.  Embraer representatives are arguing just the opposite.  It will be interesting to see how well the Legacy 650 does on the open market in this down economy.

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