EBACE Talks About Need For Perception Change

We have heard the old saying that perception is reality and it appears that the perceptions of the public are what is being touted as the next need for change in the business aviation industry.  In opening remarks at the EBACE event in Geneva Switzerland it was stated by Brian Humphries the EBAA chairman, “Recognition of our industry’s value is evident at the European level but not in the 27 member states.”

The NBAA was also represented by Ed Bolen, President of the organization when he stated, “It is incumbent on our industry to be aggressive in talking about how we operate.”

This seems to be the stance that is going to be taken by the industry going forward. First the economy was a major factor in the downturn and now that the industry has weathered the storm it appears that is must go on the offensive and show that as an industry we need to polish the image and be advocates and evangelists of the industry. Finally, Britain’s Lord Hesketh wanted to impart that without business aviation economies would not make it. “Companies that do not have the ability to move key personnel are going to fall behind.” He further said, “We do have to get the perception issue right.”

This is a new tact that may gather steam if we continue to hear reports of the economy recovering in the industry. It sees that by being aggressive in the perception of if the industry it will bound to help gather the steam in the right direction.

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