Dassault Introduces Its New Falcon 6X Business Jet

In a world where the standard for luxury business jets is already high, Dassault is raising the bar. In December, the company rolled out the newest iteration of its popular Falcon class of jets, the 16-seat, long-range, ultrawide-body Falcon 6X. The jet borrows fighter jet technology to bring customers double-digit improvements in efficiency and performance, and improves on the Falcon’s already-impressive cabin to deliver sophistication that rachets up the luxury factor of the 6X.

A livestream announcement from Dassault

Due to pandemic concerns, the introduction of the Falcon 6X took place via YouTube on December 8, 2020. While not an in-person event, the unveiling was nonetheless accompanied by substantial fanfare and plenty of exceptional visuals. Audiences were treated to a thorough overview of the ultrawide-body craft’s design — including a history lesson from Dassault Chairman and CEO, Eric Trappier.

The event also profiled the pillars of development behind the Falcon 6X: efficiency, comfort, and safety. Midway through the event, the Falcon 6X itself is introduced, wheeled onto the floor by test pilots in all its glory. Conversation shifts to the jet’s best-in-class cabin, explained in detail by Senior Executive Vice President of Civil Aircraft at Dassault, Carlos Brana.

In addition to the largest cabin by height and width, Brana explains that, upon completion, it’ll also be “the classiest cabin in the world.” The livestream then commences a tour of the fuselage, showing the extravagant sophistication and luxury of the Falcon 6X.

The livestream continues with a virtual interview with the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, Maria Della Posta, who discusses the tremendous innovations that have gone into making the Falcon 6X one of the most efficient craft to-date. Finally, Dassault’s presentation ends with a cockpit explanation of the state-of-the-art navigation system of the craft, inspired by its fighter jet counterparts. It’s a truly special craft, done justice by a truly inspiring virtual event.

Meet Dassault’s Falcon 6X

The Falcon 6X may be the newest iteration of the Dassault’s Falcon line of jets, but it’s in a class all its own. It features the widest cross sections of any aircraft designed specifically as a business jet, and feels as spacious as it looks. This enhanced design is made even bigger by 30 large windows, covering 5,000 square inches of visibility. The “ergonomic cocoon” of the craft’s cabin is already award-winning and is certain to embody the luxury and sophistication expected from Dassault.

The operational specs for the Falcon 6X are equally as impressive, positioning the craft as the jet to beat in business aviation.

  • 5,500-mile nautical range (London to Hong Kong)
  • Mach .90 capabilities, with max operating speed of 370 KIAS
  • Maximum certified altitude of 51,000 ft.
  • Takeoff/landing capabilities on runways of less than 3,000 ft.

There are several unseen improvements that make the Falcon 6X one of the most breathtaking jets ever designed. Continually-refreshed cabin air is exceptionally clean, while the auto-trim feature of its flight control system eliminates the need for in-flight efficiency adjustments by the pilot. Even the newly certified Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D engines sported by the craft require less maintenance and offer improved efficiency.

An instant market-leader

In many cases, when a new jet enters the market, it quickly becomes the de facto benchmark to beat. While this is the case for the Falcon 6X, it’s also true that this craft has all the makings of an untouchable leader in the ultrawide-body business jet class. It’s simply hard to imagine a craft that’s better positioned to set the standard and maintain market leadership for the foreseeable future.

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