Corporate Jets Rare At Nation’s Capital

I just returned from our nation’s capital in Washington DC.  I was recently attending the Points of Light Institutes’s Tribute for President George HW Bush and landing at Dulles I noticed the lack of many corporate jets.  It seems that the economy makes it difficult to find the leaders of the country using private business aircraft.  It may be the location that I landed or it may be that they are all traveling in other places or it could be that corporate jets are not welcome in that part of the world.

We all of course remember the tongue lashing the leadership of the car makers received when they took their private business aircraft to the capital when they were asking for the bailouts they received when the economy headed down.  It may be that corporate jets are still a black mark or not well received. The National Business Aviation Association continues to combat these types of thoughts.  It would be interesting to see if the trend continues or if we will see more private jets at airports in and around our nation’s capital.

There did seem to be no shortage of private helicopters flying in and around the city.  I think it may be related to the way the traffic patterns are in the DC.  I for one would have loved not to be caught in traffic on the highways and in the city.

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