Corporate Jets Offer Flexibility Travel

I have been giving some thought to a few of the posts that talk about security and ease of travel that is brought out by many companies as to why they have decided to purchase a corporate jet or have decided to go with a private aircraft for their executive travel.  It has to do with the flexibility issue of travel.  I have been sitting in a line at an airport wondering if I had any chance to make my flight due to some mishap or weather problem or perhaps just a broken light that needs replaced in the galley.  I also sit and wonder if I will make that connecting flight or if I will be sleeping in my own bed at the end of the day.

The stress of travel can take its toll over time and it does take a lot of that — Time.  I have no control over the time I leave or the delays that occur and have no flexibility in how I travel.  If a company has a private business aircraft that changes drastically.  Yes, it still has to deal with weather issues, but ti does not have to deal with weather in other cities that cause delays in the system.  It doesn’t fall prey to the problems of schedules and can be ready for travel anywhere in a short period of time.  Executives like to have that flexibility and that is not as much of a perk as it is a business necessity in some cases.

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