Corporate Jets of the NBA

After talking about the NBA lockout and private jets I did some follow up research and found some interesting news related to the NBA and corporate jets.  I have actually met and talked with Mark Cuban in Las Vegas in 2007 and he had flown into Vegas on one of his own private jets to speak at an event and conference where I was speaking.  I didn’t get a chance to see his aircraft then but it was of note that he has not one but three private jets. Cuban of course is the owner of the world champion Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban’s Gulfstream G-550 was a $40Million purchase he actually made online.  The interesting fact there is that he purchased the Gulfstream online making it the largest online transaction ever made by anyone.  Cuban also is the owner of a Boeing 757 that is the team’s method of travel.  The 757 includes a weight room and over sized seats for the tall team members, as well as meeting and coaching areas that includes the ability to view video of games and other resources. Cuban obviously understands what it is like to have a private corporate jet.  He stated in an interview of his aircraft that it allows him the freedom and privacy he needs and has gone as far as to say he cannot live without his corporate jets.  Cuban also owns a Boeing 767 that he has for charter.

The other NBA player and part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats is the very well known Michael Jordan.  Jordan’s Gulfstream IV is listed as having an N-Number of N236MJ meaning his number of his jersey as 23 and the 6 representing the number of championships he won as a player in the NBA.  The other notable information in the picture that was put out by Yardbarker is that Michael Jordan has put his logo on the tail and the color of the plane is the Carolina Blue of UNC where Jordan attended college and played.  I also understand that when the plane is seen from underneath you can also see the number 23 and the Carolina Blue colors.  Jordan may not be able to compete with the big markets in the NBA but he is tops in our book with his Gulfstream IV.

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