Corporate Jet Insider Needs You To Help Save The Children

It seems we continue to be dealing with the world in turmoil with the problems in the middle east, the economic troubles that ave hit our industry and now we have the issues coming out of Japan with the latest in the earthquake that has devastated the country and its people.  I wanted to take a moment and ask that everyone give some aid or assistance to the people of Japan as they all try to dig out of the rubble that was caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami.  One company that I have worked with in the past is helping do all they can by helping to Save The Children.

This week I was contacted by the folks at Save The Children with the situation as they have been briefed about the children of Japan:

“We estimate that up to 100,000 children are displaced. Many children are staying in over 2,000 evacuation centers, some of which have no electricity or running water.  Aftershocks still continue, as well as risks of further earthquakes and tsunamis. Children are in urgent need of psychosocial support so that they can deal with the events they have and continue to experience.”

Obviously, many people are faced with challenges and they are going to be facing these challenges for some time.  We are seeing that the people of Haiti are continuing to have those same challenges now more than a year after their devastating earthquake.  Japan has better infrastructure but they still have to recover and that takes effort, and of course donations.

I would love to have Save The Children meet their goal of $5Million for the relief and program for the children of Japan.  You can do this very simply by going to the site and providing your support.  You can also do this very simply by texting “JAPAN” to 20222 using your cell phone.  This will allow you to donate as little as $10 to their efforts.

Take a moment and give your thoughts and well wishes to those in Japan dealing with the devastation and if you can give them some monetary support.

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