Complete Privacy With Private Jets

I have been thinking about the case of Amanda Knox recently and how she has become the biggest story in the news recently.  She is following another case of big hype in the case of, Casey Anthony, the mother accused of murdering her daughter.   Finally, this also dovetails with the two men in Iran that were accused of spying and were recently released.  All of them were very high profile cases and they garnered much attention and the press was in a frenzy to get pictures and to get that brief statement to add to their stories.

In the case of Casey Anthony it was most attentive to me because of the protection of her privacy once released by using a private or corporate jet to transport her from the site of the case to her destination.  It was noted that the priovate jet took her away to a destination unknown.  She had complete privacy when dealing with the spectacle she had become.

I noticed that following the release of Amanda Knox she decided to take a commercial flight from Italy to Seattle where she had to deal with the press and the photographers.  She of course was celebrating her release from prison and her situation may have been different from that of Casey Anthony, but she chose not to have the ultimate privacy afforded by the use of a private or corporate jet.  Amanda Knox also had to spend 30 hours traveling from Italy to Seattle and it could have been spent with her family alone without the public having access to her.

This is why so many celebrities choose to use private jets instead of using the public accessed commercial flights.  Even first class flights don’t allow for the complete privacy and they also allow people to photograph and have contact with the celebrity.

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