Communicating With Corporate Jet Insider and L&L International

There are many ways that you can speak to us here at the Corporate Jet Insider.  We at Corporate Jet insider are one way of contacting our corporate offices at L&L International too.  We can be contacted most easily by calling us or contacting us on the contact page.  We can also be contacted using the blog here by leaving a comment in any of the blog posts as though go right to our inbox.  I also spoke earlier about our Facebook page and how it can be used to contact us and to interact with our company.

I also wanted to talk about Twitter.  If you follow us over at Twitter, we will follow you back so that we may interact that way.  As you may or may not know if two parties follow each other on Twitter, they can then sent direct messages to each other.  We would be happy to take your direct message and make sure it gets into the hands of those that need to respond.  That works as well with our live chat feature on the corporate site. Finally, if you want to sign up to receive the company newsletter and email, you can do that on our regular corporate site.  Signing up with our email can get you company information and other industry news and information and the world of business aviation.  Talk to us!

photo via derrickkwa

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