Chase the End of the Rainbow in Private Jet

St. Patrick’s Day started as celebration of the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, but now most people associate the holiday with over-the-top parades, green beer, and corned beef and cabbage. (And don’t forget the Jameson!) Cities in Japan, Argentina, and Australia all host parades and celebrations. Dublin, Ireland, has used the St. Patrick’s Day celebration to promote tourism and appreciation of Irish culture. Newfoundland, Canada, has been home to Irish immigrants since the 17th century and designates March 17 as a public holiday.

In the U.S., some of the most famous celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day occur in the larger cities, like New York City, Chicago, and of course, Boston. Basically, any city, town, or village with a pub will be hosting Irish celebrations of some kind. Luckily, the Irish seem to be tolerant of this co-opting of their culture for a day.

If you’re looking for an unusual celebration that’s off the beaten path, then grab your green and head south. Hot Springs, Ark., boasts the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade, and this year will be the 10th annual event. It takes place on the tiny, 98-foot long Bridge Street in Hot Springs National Park. The parade only lasts about an hour, but the festivities go on all day. Previous Grand Marshalls include George Wendt, Pauley Shore, and Bo Derek.

Hot Springs National Park is a beautiful place to spend an early spring weekend, and who doesn’t love a whimsical St. Patty’s celebration?! Plus, the town’s airport is convenient for the jet set crowd. Just three miles from downtown Hot Springs is historic Memorial Field Airport (HOT), which was a commercial hub immediately following World War II. After the airline deregulation in the 1970s, commercial traffic decreased, and now the airport only supports general aviation.

So, pack your shamrocks and a case of Guinness and load up the jet — it’s getaway time! Hot Springs’ short-yet-festive St. Patrick’s Day parade will be entertaining, and the naturally splendid scenery and small-town vibe will be relaxing.

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