Can You Justify Your Company’s Bizjet?

With the tight economy and widespread news of corporate misconduct, misperceptions about corporate jet ownership and use are common. You know a business jet keeps your company competitive in your industry, but it’s still an investment you have to validate to stakeholders, the media, and employees. Even if your company already owns a jet, you need to be prepared to support the aircraft’s continued use in the event of executive turnover.

Be ready to answer a variety of questions about your corporate aircraft:

  • Who will use the corporate jet?
  • How much money and time will it save over commercial travel?
  • Why is it essential?

A handy resource that highlights other common questions about business aviation is available at The key to addressing all of these concerns is to be prepared with honest, well-documented answers. Clear and concise language outlining the benefits of a business jet will make it easier to garner support.

Highlight the benefits of private jet travel, which include time savings, increased flexibility and reliability, improved productivity, the ability to better support your customers, and the capability to attract and retain key personnel.

If your company already benefits from a business jet, then keep track of supporting documentation showing the jet is an essential business tool. Was a business trip reduced from three days to one as a result of the corporate jet? Show how much your company saved on travel expenses. Or perhaps your sales team was able to meet with 10 new prospects in five days. Make it clear your sales figures have improved because travel time is cut drastically by employing the company jet.

In addition, you can gain detailed insight into the ins and outs of owning a corporate jet by consulting an expert. L&L International can show you the many justifiable benefits of corporate jet ownership. Our experienced brokers will help you find the perfect aircraft for your business’s needs — making the advantages of your bizjet crystal clear.

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