The Business Aviation Recovery Forecast

In light of the post yesterday where I pontificate about the recovery of the private jet industry, Marc Yahr of L&L International sends me another forecast that he recently read from  I love the ending paragraph of the post by David Wyndham:

I’ve seen Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group present his firm’s aviation sales forecast on several occasions. As he said one time, “If you don’t like my forecast, feel free to make one up on your own.” So don’t worry so much about the future, but just take care of today. If you need a jet, go get one. If you need to sell your current jet, go get a good broker to represent you.

This is great advice from David and we all have our thoughts on the state of the aircraft industry.  We are all making up our own forecasts, in some cases to ease our own fears and anxiety and in some cases we actually have some numbers and stats that back up our statements. Like an old lawyer friend of mine used to say, “92% of all stats are made up.”  In my case my forecast was based on a gut feeling and the fact that it may be an old lawyer trick of making up the facts that you need in order to be persuasive.  Take a moment and read through the post where Wyndham talks about his thoughts.

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