Browse More — And Pay Less — With the Help of a Broker

Businesspeople shaking handsWorking with an aircraft broker offers many advantages — you have a knowledgeable expert with your best interests in mind working at your side to assist you through the complicated and sometimes daunting process of procuring an aircraft. One of the greatest advantages of this partnership is access to off-market aircraft.

Before an aircraft is widely advertised for sale on the Internet, a broker may be notified of the upcoming plan to sell. How is this good news for buyers? A broker can give you access to these to-be-listed aircraft before they are publically announced.

In fact, a broker is often on the lookout for aircraft that interest his or her customers — and when an off-market jet that meets the customer’s needs comes onto the radar, a good broker can offer the lead to the customer before the listing is picked up by the masses.

With their extensive list of business and personal connections within the industry, brokers can connect you with sellers you would never come across simply through an Internet search or by browsing listings.

An offer you can’t refuse

Off-market aircraft are good news for buyers. Who wouldn’t want early access to the most recently listed aircraft? Off-market and unlisted planes increase buyers’ selection and offer competitive pricing. You also have the potential to work directly with the selling owner rather than another broker, perhaps garnering intimate knowledge about an aircraft’s past use and condition. This avenue saves you money and speeds the buying process.

Rather than taking on the search for an aircraft alone, enlist an experienced broker to help you. Jet experts, such as L & L International, are immersed in the industry and have access to more aircraft, both on and off the market, and can advise you during your search.

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