Bombardier Announces Global Aircraft Family To Stay Competitive

The company over at Bombardier has been working hard to stay competitive and the folks over at AIN have been keeping up with the story since they released the information about Bombardier talking about a competitor to the Gulfstream 650. Bombardier announced at the NBAA show that they are launching a new “Global Aircraft Family”.  AIN reported:

…Bombardier this morning announced it will launch a “new Global aircraft family” on the eve of the business aviation show. “It was strategically necessary for Bombardier to announce the program as soon as possible,” business aviation analyst Brian Foley told AIN. “Doing so contains potential customer defections and gives the rest of the market a reason to wait and see before placing an order. Not doing so would have essentially conceded that segment to Gulfstream.” The Canadian aircraft manufacturer today said its board of directors gave an “official go-ahead to launch the expanded Global aircraft family.”

The new aircraft being launched by Bombardier will be announced on October 18 and it will be interesting to see what they have coming.  AIN opined that perhaps Bombardier’s announcement:

…suggests that it will be a new clean-sheet design–the rumored M170 program–though a Global XRS derivative is possible, but apparently now remote. Potential powerplants for the so-called “Super Global” are said to include the Rolls-Royce BR725 and a GE Tech X-based engine. George Tsopeis, Zenith Jet’s vice president of aviation services, said an XRS derivative would cost $200 to $300 million to develop and could be in service in 2013, while a clean-sheet Global would cost more than $1 billion and wouldn’t enter service until at least 2016.

More to come on this announcement after it is made in the middle of the month.

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