AVANCE L3: Gogo Ups Its BizAv Game

Today’s private and business jet owners expect reliable high-speed internet connectivity when in the air — both for productivity and entertainment. And their passengers do, too. Luckily, it’s more affordable than ever. Gogo Business Aviation, a leading provider of innovative broadband connectivity solutions for aviation, recently launched its Gogo AVANCE L3 system, a low-cost in-flight connectivity system with a lightweight form factor that even comes with free digital content.

Features and benefits

The AVANCE L3 system offers many benefits for private and business jet owners as well as their crews and passengers. While it’s possible to install the system on all sizes and types of business aircraft, AVANCE L3 is especially suited for smaller aircraft. The platform provides a full set of “Smart Cabin” features that allow passengers access to the cabin management system (CMS) to customize their experience. They also have access to all available data, maps, and entertainment systems. The system enables flight department teams to manage the number and types of devices allowed to connect.

How does it work?

The AVANCE L3 smart router connects to the Gogo Biz data network, which provides connectivity for email, voice calls, and optional Gogo Text & Talk. Gogo Vision, which provides access to moving maps, weather, flight information, movies, and television shows, is also available through AVANCE L3. Gogo AVANCE L3 itself is available in three configurations, depending on jet owners’ needs and budgets. The Core plan provides email, voice, and internet browsing for five devices. The Plus plan adds full internet access for seven devices, and the Max plan offers the Plus functionality for as many as 25 devices.

Digital magazines

Gogo AVANCE now also offers a selection of 30 digital magazines for Gogo customers and those who fly in Gogo-equipped business jets. Magazines include titles such as Newsweek, Forbes, People, and Golf Digest, and jet owners determine what’s available through their Gogo plans. Gogo offers this content to AVANCE and Vision customers as well as a selection of Bloomberg News content on hot news topics from around the world. This digital content is updated monthly via Gogo Cloud from customers’ hangars as well as Gogo Cloud locations in the United States and Europe.

Connectivity: More than a luxury

Gone are the days when internet connectivity during business and private flights was a nice perk. Today, passengers expect and even demand it as flight time isn’t synonymous with downtime for business executives. When they can conduct so much business online, internet connectivity means productivity continues while en route to nearly any destination. But connectivity doesn’t just mean business. It also can provide relaxation and entertainment for customers who need a little business break or to keep up with personal correspondence. If you’re looking to acquire a jet, internet connectivity is a likely consideration for your next purchase. Talk to an expert to ensure you get the right connectivity solutions for your needs.

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