Apple Executive Chooses Gulfstream As Corporate Jet

There is always a number of people buzzing in the technology community when Apple comes out with a new product or there is a new press conference about its latest news.  The Apple community is very loyal and they have a very sought after following in the mobile market.  I am an Apple user in their laptops and computers, but I have not yet adopted the iPhone.  It has to do with the service I use, but I still look forward to seeing what is the latest in the world of Apple.  On Friday, Steve Jobs the leader of Apple held a press conference on the latest iPhone4 and I was one of the ones that paid attention to what was being said.  The conference ended and they opened it up for questions and right out of the box, the first question asked Jobs how he was feeling and about his health. He responded by saying he felt better last week while he was on vacation in Hawaii and not working.  This made me think about the way he travels.

Steve Jobs has been known for his salary of $1 per year, but he also has a number of things that are required under his compensation agreement.  Part of that is his corporate travel.  Steve Jobs chooses to travel on a corporate jet owned by the Apple company and I assume his latest trip to Hawaii was no different.  What business jet does Steve Jobs use?  He travels around in a well publicized Gulfstream V.  The Gulfstream which is pictured here is top of its class and a great way for the Apple executive to get around on his many travels.

Jobs no doubt has many reasons to travel on the Gulfstream and security is probably a main component of that idea.  With the secrecy of what goes on in Apple and the number of corporations looking to beg, borrow or steal from the innovations and for journalists looking to get the scoop on what is going on at Apple, I can bet that security is a big decision why Gulfstream is sailing through the skies with this top executive.  You too can own a Gulfstream V for your corporation.

[Photo via John R. Beckman at]

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