An Aircraft Upgrade That’ll Actually Save You Money

Are fuel prices weighing down your jet? Does your aircraft need to shave off a few pounds? Composites — fiber-reinforced polymers made of glass fiber or carbon fiber and fabricated using a heat or chemical reaction — might be the answer.

Cut pounds to save dollars

Composites are popular among aircraft owners and manufacturers for many reasons, but a major one is improved fuel efficiency. Industry experts predict fuel costs could comprise more than 50% of operating costs by 2022. In this regard, composites can make a big difference: Lightening a single-aisle aircraft by just one pound could save $150 per year in fuel costs.

In addition to cutting fuel costs, composites are also strong and durable and they can improve the corrosion and heat resistance of an aircraft’s interior. They’re also more wear-resistant than their metal counterparts, extending the life of a jet’s interior parts.

The aircraft interiors aftermarket is “really where composite materials have the opportunity to shine,” says composites market analyst Chris Red. Refurbishment with composites is a great way to update your aircraft with a modern, long-lasting interior that also reduces your fuel costs and adds value to your aircraft investment. A number of aircraft interior service providers are experienced with composites and can create a composite interior customized to your specifications.

Endless opportunities for upgrades

The opportunities for interior upgrades afforded by composites are bound only by your budget and imagination. You can improve seats, passenger cabin walls and ceilings, overhead stow bins, lavatories, interior panels, closets, galleys, floors, ducts, and many other cabin components with aftermarket composite parts.

Composites offer a way to increase the strength and durability of your aircraft while improving the look and feel of the interior — all while giving you considerable cost savings.

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