Afraid to fly?

The fear of flying is pretty common…  But you can do it!

There are simple ways to overcome this phobia and take to the skies!

In an article from WebMD, the magazine shares information about the fear and easy steps to get you off the ground, and in control.

“… more than one in four people are somewhat afraid, and one in 10 considers him or herself very afraid of taking to the skies.

Despite the term, fear of flying isn’t just a fear of being in the air.

Some people are claustrophobic or afraid of being far from home. Al Forgione, PhD, a Boston psychologist, says the most common fear is not crashing, but becoming hysterical and humiliating yourself in flight. And “the underlying fear in all of these anxieties is loss of control,” he says. To create the illusion of control, some people believe that their actions — listening for odd noises, noting the slightest dip, or even staying motionless in their seats — could actually save the plane.”

All plausible reasons, but easily avoided with conscious thinking…

Many use videos of planes taking off and landing. The most popular videos are those that are shot from inside the plane or looking out the window at the wing. The sound of the roar of the engines and seeing the ground rise and fall with take off and landing enables fearful flyers to participate in a takeoff and landing without actually being on a plane. Using these techniques can condition your mind to think that these events are just normal, everyday experiences- like taking out the trash. (Which can be scary sometimes too!)

Other techniques include books, therapy, and medication. Any of these methods can ease your fear of flying, but nothing will help as much as just getting on the plane more and more. Just focus on your destination, whether it be a tropical location, snowy mountains, or a busy metropolis, because you know that when you arrive…

You did it!!

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