‘Jet-iquette’: 7 Tips to Help You Master Business Flight Etiquette

Flying in a private jet is a luxurious experience. When travelers fly privately for business, they get to enjoy a quiet cabin, extra room to lounge in, and a host of amenities while in the air. However, everyone on board is responsible for maintaining this pleasant atmosphere.

How to dress and act can be difficult for many first-time private flyers to navigate. Fortunately, the rules of “jet-iquette” — or jet-etiquette — are largely the same as on the ground. These unspoken rules help all onboard keep the aircraft clean and safe as well as ensure guests don’t offend their hosts. When travelling for business, it’s important to remember to remain professional — even when flying solo.

Keep these 7 tips on “jet-iquette” in mind the next time you fly:

1. Be on time.

In many cases, business aviation passengers don’t own the aircraft they’re flying in. The jet’s pilot, crew, and other passengers have places they need to be, too, so it’s important to show up for the flight on time. Being late can also mean additional fees. That’s why it’s best to be early, so show up around 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

2. Board after your host.

An unspoken rule of private flying is that the host gets the first pick of the seats. Travelers should avoid boarding before their hosts so they can select a seat, and others won’t have to endure the embarrassment of being asked to move.

3. Respect the crew.

The pilot and crew are there for everyone’s safety. As trained professionals, they have years of experience in the business aviation industry and want to make the flight as pleasant as possible. If they make a request, follow it promptly and without issue.

4. Mind your manners.

Just as manners are important in business settings on the ground, they are equally — if not more — important in the air. Be polite to crew members and any other passengers, and act professionally.

5. Pack lightly.

Even when there are only a few passengers on board, remember that private jets are small and have a limited capacity for “stuff.” Try to pack as lightly as possible to keep the cabin clear and cargo space open for other passengers’ belongings. If the flight has baggage limitations, always respect them.

6. Stay professional.

Flying in luxury can make some feel like it’s okay to kick back and relax. While this is true to a point, it’s also important to remain professional. Dress in business-casual or business-appropriate clothing when flying for business and remember to maintain a professional composure to represent the host and company well.

7. Be discreet.

Travelers often use private aviation for confidentiality purposes. While luxurious aircraft interiors might tempt travelers to snap pics and share them online or with friends, it’s best to avoid this for the safety and security of everyone else on board.

Flying privately for business can be a great experience. When you have the opportunity, make sure to look and act appropriately so everyone on board can enjoy the flight. And if you have questions about chartering private aircraft or purchasing jets for business purposes, speak with an experienced professional to get the best information in the industry.

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