5 Top Amenities Private Jet Owners Want

Many people think simply owning a private jet is the pinnacle of luxury. But, like everything else in life, the sky is the limit for exactly how sophisticated this investment can be. Between top-end tech, comfort amenities, and in-flight service, many private jets take lavishness up a notch. After all, if you’re spending tens of millions on your own personal jet, why not make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

Luxury private jet features

Buying a private jet is one of the biggest investments a person can make, so it’s no wonder that jet buyers seek out the best of the best when it comes to features, finishes, and amenities.

Whereas practicality weighs heavily into purchasing a car, private jet purchases are often made with all the bells and whistles in mind. In response to these consumer demands, private jet makers are pulling out all the stops to deliver the most luxurious flight experience possible.

Here are five of the most luxurious amenities modern jet manufacturers are incorporating into their aircraft.

  1. Gourmet kitchens: Airplane food has been the subject of endless complaints from flyers for decades. With a full-sized kitchen, private jet owners can enjoy freshly prepared meals no matter where they roam.
  2. Full-sized bathrooms: When you’re rushing to a meeting hours (or even minutes) after you land, you might not have the opportunity to freshen up beforehand. That’s why so many private jet owners choose aircraft with full-sized bathrooms, featuring showers for passengers.
  3. Theater systems: Jet owners spend much of their time on business while they’re flying, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need time to unwind. Theater systems with large screens, surround-sound speakers, and luxurious seating are highly popular among prospective jet owners.
  4. Meeting rooms: On longer flights, jet owners have the opportunity to get some work done as they travel to their next destination. With onboard meeting rooms — complete with conference tables, chairs, and high-tech presentation equipment — jet owners can collaborate with their team and get work done from anywhere.
  5. Dedicated bedrooms: After hours of hard work, everyone needs some time to rest and recharge. Dedicated bedrooms in private jets offer the perfect place for jet owners to unwind and rest in complete privacy.
What more could you want from a private jet? The amenities go far beyond what’s listed here, and there’s no telling what the next wave of luxury aircraft amenities will be.

The future of private jets

As technology develops and improves, private jets are becoming even more luxurious. The developments made in the coming decades will enable manufacturers to produce lighter components that permit more ambitious jet interiors, defined by seamless layouts, sophisticated design, and enhanced functionality.

Would you rather have an in-flight theater system or a state-of-the-art lounge chair? A full kitchen or a spacious boardroom? Regardless of your preferences, rest assured they’re rooted in luxury when you purchase a private jet.

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