2022: Already a Big Year for Boom Supersonic

We’re just a couple of months into 2022, but Boom Supersonic has already generated a year’s worth of headlines. The company rose to prominence in 2021 when Boeing-backed Aerion fell off the supersonic map. Now, industry attention is focused on Boom. From introducing new tech to closing new deals and establishing itself as the de facto leader in the emerging supersonic market, Boom is already having a big year.

2021 paved the way for Boom’s bigger role

Last year, Boom was thrust into the spotlight by the abrupt departure of Aerion, which had been the supersonic market leader. In May 2021, Aerion announced that it would cease operations effective immediately, citing economic concerns — despite an $11.2 billion sales backlog. Speculation has questioned the efficacy of Aerion’s engine design, which cost more than $1 billion to develop with no real prototype ever created.

Seizing the opportunity to become the market steward, Boom moved quickly to secure new partnerships and kick-start a media push in late 2021. Now, Boom is looking more and more like the company to herald a new age of supersonic travel.

Big things for Boom in 2022

In just a few short months, Boom has celebrated several milestones that are restoring confidence in the supersonic market and driving an ambitious timeline for the launch of its supersonic jet. To recap Boom’s progress so far:

  • United Airlines partnership. Boom Supersonic and United Airlines engaged in a formal agreement for the creation of a commercial supersonic fleet. United has agreed to purchase 15 jets, with an option for an additional 35, set to begin carrying passengers in 2029.
  • North Carolina facility. Boom recently announced it would begin construction on a new production facility in North Carolina. The new facility will cover 65 acres along Interstate 73 near the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC. The company expects to break ground later this year.
  • U.S. Air Force development grant. Most recently, Boom received a three-year, $60 million grant from the U.S. Air Force to aid in development of the commercial Overture jet. One of the grant’s stipulations is the development of a military version to be deployed for intelligence, special operations, and surveillance.

These are just three of the feathers in Boom’s cap so far this year. The company is also in talks with commercial airlines in other countries to secure future agreements, and it continues to iterate on its revolutionary design. Perhaps most exciting is the news of the inaugural test flight of the XB-1 prototype jet, aka “Baby Boom,” set for later this year.

Boom is here to stay

Boom’s 2022 progress brings the reality of a supersonic future into clear view. Aerion’s fall from grace in 2021 jolted the industry and caused many to question the feasibility of boomless supersonic jets. With Boom stepping in to restore confidence, we’re on track for faster flying led by a company with a clear vision for takeoff.

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