2011 The Year of Private Jet Recovery

I don’t suppose we will see this headline in many of the experts’ outbox as they begin to look forward to 2011.  In fact, I hesitated writing the title this way in case I might have a chance to jinx the possibility of it actually being the case.  It appears that the slide has stopped on many fronts and we have been reporting all the probabilities and possibilities that many companies will begin to see a recovery.  The thing about a slide stopping is there is only that next step, the process of recovery.

The probability of a recovery happening quickly is probably not the case here as we see the bottom of the economic woes.  The likely scenario will be a plateau of the slide in many cases.  Many companies will be taking 2011 to pick up the pieces and begin strategies for recovery.  We see changes in the way that many people are traveling.  It may be that the government will help with some type of economic stimulus and Wall Street will begin its own recovery.  It may be 2012 before we see the real results of the beginning of the recovery, but we can set our sites on business aviation going to the next level.

In the United States this week we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Perhaps my point is that if you have made it this far in business aviation, if your in the business of buying and selling private jets and you have made it this far through 2010 you might need to count your blessings and be thankful.  In 2011 we have a fresh new year to see if we can begin the climb out of the economic problems we faced in 2010 and make 2011 the year of private jet recovery.

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