10 Reasons Dad Deserves Private Jet

Father’s Day is Sunday and it can be tough to try to buy for the dad who has everything.  But since the man gave you everything, you’ll want to find him the perfect gift. Instead of another tie he won’t wear or another gadget he won’t use, why not really wow him this year? Get him his own private jet! The bizav industry is full of private jet options that are perfect for dad.

Here are 10 reasons you should buy dad his own jet this year:

  • Easy to travel to see his grandkids. He won’t have to find a cheap flight or enough time to drive across the country. Now he can jump in his plane and see his grandkids whenever he wants!
  • He bought you your first car, so it’s only fair that you buy him his first jet.
  • He can visit all the places he’s talked about seeing all these years. He can jet around to Wrigley Field, the Grand Canyon, and Disneyland and still make it home for the weekend.
  • He won’t have to worry about baggage overage fees for his tackle box, golf clubs, and hunting gear like he would on a commercial flight.
  • You know he’ll get you awesome souvenirs from his travels, so you’re winning in this deal, too.
  • Remember when he got you that pony you always wanted when you were 7? This is the perfect way to pay him back.
  • The guy is worn out from teaching you all those sweet football moves, and he deserves to travel in luxury.
  • When he falls asleep during the flight, his snoring won’t disturb other passengers (just the crew).
  • Great bragging rights to his buddies. Oh, their kids got them a juicer? His kid got him a jet. He wins.
  • He deserves it. He’s been an awesome dad, and you’d do anything to pay him back for everything he’s done for you.

Private and corporate jets are a great way to get more done in your personal and professional life. If you are ready to get Dad a jet for Father’s Day, we’ll help you find the right one. But if you aren’t ready to make that purchase for dad, don’t worry. We know he’ll love you no matter what (even if you do get him another tie).

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