What’s New in Business and Private Jet Tech?

Jun 19, 2017 | Buying a Jet, Industry News

private jet technologies

Business and private jet owners and enthusiasts are always looking for the latest in luxury — and the hottest new technology money can buy. What’s new in the industry? From 3-D printing to biofuel and moving maps, aircraft tech is changing — bringing with it new and exciting updates.

3-D printing


Source: GE Aviation

Sure, you’ve heard about 3-D printed aircraft parts before, but, thanks to advances in additive manufacturing, new turboprop aircraft engines could soon be burning less fuel. Instead of printing parts, GE engineers designed a titanium and steel 3-D printed engine that eliminates the need for hundreds of individual parts. As the number of business and private jet travelers increases, they’ll soon be able to expect 3-D printed jet-engine technologies in their rides, enhancing their flight experiences. With many eyes on the industry in terms of carbon emissions, cleaner and more powerful jets that cause less pollution could be a big draw — and reduced production waste is an added benefit.


biofuelIn another advanced approach to reducing carbon and pollution, Bombardier Business Aircraft professionals introduced jets that can fly using renewable resources. Four Bombardier aircraft, including a Challenger 350 and 650, a Global 6000, and a Learjet 75, flew to the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in May without using fossil fuels. As the private aviation industry moves toward a more sustainable future — on environmentally friendly fuel that can reduce emissions upward of 70% — could you be flying on biofuel soon?

Moving maps

Love the moving map in your private jet? Many travelers enjoy seeing where they’re at in the air in relation to their destinations, and estimated arrival times help many plan business meetings or outings with friends. But what if you could take your maps to the next level — without the need for more hardware? Gogo and Rockwell Collins teamed up to offer Airshow moving maps, which fliers can view on their personal devices in 3-D, and those already using Gogo’s air-to-ground services can simply download the app on their smart devices.

Want to download the new app or switch to sustainable fuel? Have your sights set on the first turboprop with jet engine technology? No matter which tech you decide to get into first, you can be sure you’ll be among those at the forefront of the industry’s available options. What’ll be next in jet tech? At this rate of evolution, your guess might just be right.

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