Commercial airplane taking offBombardier recently announced that their all new CS100 and CS300 aircraft are exceeding expected targets for fuel burn, payload, range, and performance and are on track to meet noise targets. The ‘C Series,’ as they are dubbed, are intended to be the quietest commercial jets ever produced — well below the FAA’s Stage 4 limit, and could give the Canadian company a lucrative boost.

During the aircrafts’ debut at the Paris Air Show in June, Bombardier execs reported they expect the smaller CS100 model to be certified by the end of the year, with the certification of the CS300 due to follow soon after. If the C Series performs as well as expected, a larger CS500 model could be on the table in the future.

So far, the company reports 243 firm orders, with two-thirds of those orders for the CS300. However, Moscow-based Ilyushin Finance Co. said it is re-evaluating its order for the new plane as Canadian sanctions against Russia are severely limiting financing options. So there is some doubt as to the viability of the total order count, and continued clamor for delayed planes is testing the patience of eager customers.

With falling oil prices and competitors following closely behind, it’s clear that the C Series is critical to Bombardier’s future. Still, the performance of the C Series is better than advertised while also offering a best-in-class cabin with the ability to carry up to 15 passengers, increased convenience, passenger comfort, and superior profitability.

In addition, Bombardier showed strong emphasis on larger seats, bigger overhead bins, and even specialized window designs that give the plane a wide-body feel while offering operators potential savings between $7.5 and $12 million per aircraft. In the end, the C Series family of aircraft represents a beautiful fusion of performance, technology, and luxury that’s sure to appeal to a number of people with the money to spend.

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