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Model G650


  • On ground Aircraft available for immediate delivery.


  • On ground Aircraft available for immediate delivery.

Model Info

Take control of your time. Because the G650 adapts to your schedule, you can go anywhere you want when you want. Relish the flexibility, safety and enhanced security a Gulfstream can provide. Enjoy increased power, range, and efficiency. Use the enhanced cabin management system with touch controls and a smart-phone interface for intuitive, effortless management of your cabin. Make the most of your time in transit, because with the Gulfstream G650, you’re in charge … from takeoff to landing and every moment in between.



Passengers: 11-18 (default)

Lavatory: Enclosed

Maximum Speed: 956 km/h

Maximum Altitude: 51,000 ft.

Range: 7,000nm (default)

Cabin Size: 8’6” (width) x 46’10” (length) x 6’5” (height)

Baggage Capacity: 195 cu. ft. (default)



Longer, wider and taller than any other cabin in its class, the G650 living environment provides comfortable accommodations for up to 18 people. Choose from 12 Select floor plans to configure the G650 to meet your specific mission requirements. The cabin can be configured with a four-place conference table with two additional seats across the aisle for meals or meetings for up to 6 people. Enjoy wider seats, more aisle room and a large stateroom option for resting up between world capitals.

Flight deck

The G650 is the most technologically advanced business aircraft in the sky. The G650 comes standard with many advanced safety features such as Enhanced Vision System II™, the Head-Up Display II and the Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display. Its Planeview II cockpit comes equipped with a Triplex Flight Management System, Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, 3-D weather radar, Advanced Flight Controls – in short, a full array of sophisticated, next-generation technology to improve pilot situational awareness and enhance safety.

The PlaneView II cockpit, with its Triplex Flight Management System, Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, 3-D weather radar and a host of next-generation technological improvements, sets the industry standard in aviation technology. The G650’s Advanced Flight Control system encompasses the latest-generation fly-by-wire technology to improve ride comfort and handling qualities while reducing stress on the airframe.


New Rolls-Royce BR725 engines provide a thrust rating of 16,100 lbs./ 71.61 kN (each), better fuel efficiency, quieter operation, fewer emissions and longer maintenance intervals than the previous generation of engines.

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