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Aircraft Industry News:

Is Flight-Sharing Bound for the US?

For most travelers throughout the United States, commercial airline travel is the standard way to get from one place to another. Charter flights and private air travel are also options, but these often come at higher prices. Another more affordable form of air travel...

How Hurricane Season Impacts Business Aviation

Natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms have the potential to delay or cancel air travel for days — even weeks — until the skies clear. Numerous commercial airline travelers feel these impacts, and the delays and cancellations tend to make national news....

Gulfstream’s G600 Nears FAA Certification

Business aviation enthusiasts have long heralded Gulfstream aircraft as the epitome of quality air travel. Its line of business and private jets boasts luxurious features, advanced technologies, and innovative aviation solutions. Gulfstream’s newest model, the G600,...

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