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Aircraft Industry News:

Do Drones Pose a Serious Threat to Private Jet Travelers?

As the holiday season approaches, one item sure to be on the wish lists of kids of all ages is drones, aka unmanned aerial systems (UAS). With the popularity of drones surging, people are beginning to question how safe they are as they share airspace with commercial...

Simplify Your Holiday Travel: Buy a Private Jet

View the Gulfstream G-IV SP available for sale here. The holiday travel season is here. Will you be joining the throngs of people in long security or luggage lines at your local airport this year? Or will you be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to book a flight...

Pro Tips to Optimize Your Private Charter Experience

Business aviation activities increased in September 5.2% over a year ago, according to TraqPak data from Argus International. Much of that increase is due to charter flight activity, which increased 11.8%. So, what is the draw of charter flight for private and...

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