Below you will find a detailed list of every type of used and new planes for sale and aircrafts that we can either acquire or sell for you including Citation, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and more.  Click on each airplane link to be taken to a detailed aircraft page that will provide you with a full description of our planes for sale, specifications and photographs. At L & L International, we take pride in what we do and provide our clients with only the most professional representation and advice.  We can help you with your next purchase or sale of a private jet-new or used. We have all of the skills, knowledge, and expertise to make your next sale or purchase of an Citation, Airbus, Boeing, or Bombardier planes for sale goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Statistics now show that improving employee mobility should be a strategic priority for all business owners. The mobility accessed through private jet ownership opens doors to opportunities that might otherwise not be available. It can also be critical to winning new business and achieving successful fulfillment from your existing business at hand. At L & L International, we will assist you in evaluating the necessity for business jet aircraft according to your growth strategy. We often recommend a formal mission and travel utilization analysis that will measure present costs and the impact they are having on your company’s rate of growth.  We will discuss specific mission and strategy objectives to assist in defining the type of corporate aircraft, whether that’s from Citation, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier or another manufacturer that best matches your present and future mobility needs.