The Most-Chartered Flights for Private Business Jets

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Flying in a private jet is a luxurious experience. The exclusivity and class that comes with flying in aircraft with few seats, no crowds, and numerous on-board amenities is nearly unmatched. Therefore, many corporate executives purchase or charter private jets for business purposes.

An outstanding number of flights on private jets occur every day, but if you’ve never been fortunate enough to fly in one, you probably wouldn’t realize that they’re an extremely common form of travel. But who is traveling on these jets and where are they going?

Who’s flying?

Despite the frequency of private aviation, most people who travel by private jet don’t actually own the aircraft. Private jet chartering is more popular. Business executives or individuals with money to spend can rent jets and fly to and from their destinations without any long-term investments.

As for the owners, this affluent group of aircraft collectors tend to be involved in a few distinct sectors of business, including finance, banking, investment, oil, and gas.

United States travel goes between hubs

Some of the most popular travel departure spots and destinations within the United States are major cities that offer travelers an abundance of activities, food, entertainment, and of course, business opportunity.

Knowing the owners of private jets tend to fall into the finance sector and other business executives may opt to charter a private jet, it makes sense that these few cities are some of the most traveled.

  • New York — The Big Apple should be no surprise on this list. As one of the United States’ most popular destinations for financial and investment business, the city also has interesting things to explore outside the office. Travelers depart and arrive in New York often, heading to or from other popular urban hubs like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Miami.
  • Los Angeles — Sometimes considered the New York of the West Coast, LA is another no-brainer destination for corporate executives. Many corporate offices are in the LA area, making it a popular place to depart from to visit national branches or clients.
  • Las Vegas — Las Vegas is an adult playground, filled with both fun events and business conventions and meetings to attend. Flights between LA and Las Vegas are among the most popular in business aviation.

Other popular departure and destination locations in the U.S. include Miami, Chicago, and Houston.

Global travel continues to grow

Outside of the U.S., global business aviation is also booming. International flights may be more common for major corporate executives who own their own jets, but overseas markets are also popular.

Flights between London, Paris, and Nice are quite popular. Additionally, the use of business jets in Asia has multiplied in recent years, particularly in major business centers like Hong Kong.

If you are interested in joining those who often fly coast to coast in a luxurious private jet, contact an experienced aviation broker to learn more about the industry, set up a charter flight, and look into purchasing a new aircraft of your own.

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