Protect Your Health on Private Jet

No one enjoys the helplessness of feeling sick, but when traveling — particularly overseas — sudden illness can be problematic and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, Private Jet MD offers comprehensive services to keep you safe when a variety of troubles occur.

Ensuring your health and safety 24/7

For a low monthly membership fee, Private Jet MD provides emergency medical evaluation and case-management from western-trained doctors and nurses. They arrange and oversee transfer and evacuation of patients to pre-screened medical facilities for continuous care anywhere in the world. When it’s time to return home, Private Jet MD handles the arrangements for transport to a U.S. hospital and, if needed, companion care during the return flight.

The staff at Private Jet MD also monitors global health and personal security risks, and delivers up-to-the-minute reports and safety information. Before trip departure, they assist travelers with understanding on-the-ground health risks and warnings about destination countries.

From minor mishaps to major events

Private Jet MD’s plans provide up to $1 million in medical expenses for any travel destination in excess of 150 miles from the patient’s home. They also assist with less critical medical concerns such as eyeglass and prescription drug replacement.

Private Jet MD’s expertise extends beyond the practice of medicine. They help manage lost or stolen passports and provide referrals to language translation services and legal experts. In extremely dangerous security situations where the local U.S. Embassy cannot be reached, they connect travelers with private security firms for protection and transport.

Advance planning is critical

Doing a little homework before your trip makes coping with travel emergencies far less frightening. At a minimum, take these precautions:

  • Leave copies of itineraries and passports with family or friends
  • Review your insurance policies to understand your coverage in the event of an overseas illness
  • Visit the state department’s website for tips and warnings about health and security risks  and customs information

Your next business or pleasure trip will be more productive and enjoyable when you know you’re ready for the unexpected. And if unpleasant emergencies do arise, having Private Jet MD at your side means never having to face your worst case travel scenario alone.

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