Portugal A Good Match For Embraer Facility

It was reported last month that the European Union has approved on a formal basis the company’s manufacturing campus in Portgual.  The company has already begun construction earlier in the Summer of 2009 but it has now been blessed by the EU.  The facility is going to be a very large 330,00 square foot facility in Evora, Portugal.  The first part of the facility is now set to be complete at the end of 2011.

“This announcement is faithful to Embraer’s practices where all regional development projects have to be formally and properly approved. We’ve been waiting for the European Union to give us its final okay,” Luiz Fuchs, president of Embraer Aviation Europe, stated. The first part of the construction is for a manufacturing complex for airframe structures and components in composite materials. Fuchs went on to state, “The construction of the second unit, dedicated to the production of metallic airframe structures, will begin shortly. Meanwhile, we are progressing with the selection of suppliers.” Fuchs indicated that Embraer studied its globalization process and identified Portugal as the country offering the best resources. “The historical connection between the two countries was an important factor,” he indicated in his statements.

This is good news for EU and for the people that work at the Embraer complex. We look for good things coming from Embraer in the coming years.

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