Jet Spotlight: Bombardier Challenger Series


Bombardier has recently reported double milestones for its Challenger business jet series. Bombardier introduced the super-midsize Challenger 350 into service in June 2014 and has now hit 200-plus deliveries, making the Challenger 300 series the most-delivered business jet series within the past 10 years. In addition, the company’s large-cabin 650 model first released in 2015 surpassed 50 deliveries, making it the best-selling large jet of its category in history, according to Bombardier, with more than 1,100 Challenger 600 models delivered.

These milestones are a tribute to the newest Challenger models’ unequaled capabilities, according to Bombardier Business Aircraft Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Peter Likoray. According to the AIN Online article, he said, “No competitor comes close to the comfort and connectivity of the Challenger’s cabin, nor to their class-leading economics and dependable performance in operation.”

The Challengers

The Challenger 350 boasts a range of 3,200 nautical miles. It is NextGen-ready with a well-equipped cockpit, plus its direct operating costs are the lowest and connectivity is the best of any jet in its category. The 650 model also offers the lowest direct operating costs for a large aircraft. It offers a 4,000 nautical mile range, Ka-band connectivity, and larger seats along with the ability for passengers to move around the cabin freely. Both aircraft are at the top of their classes in performance and comfort, and either is a winning choice depending on your needs and desires.

Pre-owned options

If you’re thinking of acquiring a pre-owned Challenger, several models are available.

Challenger 605 — This is the fifth jet Bombardier released in the 600 series. It seats eight with a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles. Upon its release, no other business jet of its size offered a better mix of cost-effectiveness and comfort. It provides unparalleled dispatch reliability and everyday utility. It is more space-efficient than the earlier 604 model with more cabin area for passengers. The Challenger series has captured a lot of operator loyalty: They cite its cabin comfort, range, and low operating cost as reasons for purchasing — and keeping — their Challengers.

Challenger 300 — Much like the Challenger 350, this super-midsize jet in the 300 series offers the comfort and spaciousness typically found only in large-cabin jets. It has superior runway performance and a range of 3,000 nautical miles. The 300 seats eight to nine passengers, depending on cabin configuration, and offers a heated baggage compartment accessible from the cabin. It provides similar comfort to Bombardier’s Gulfstream 550 — at only 65% of the G550’s operating costs.

Challenger 604 — Like the Challenger 350 and 605 models, the 604 model has a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles. In addition, its maximum cruise speed is Mach 0.82, and it offered the widest cabin of any business jet upon release. Its overall comfort, performance, dependability, and value make it the best-selling jet in its class.

There are many reasons why Challenger 300 and 600 series business jets are so popular with those in the private and business aviation industry. Whether you buy new or go with a proven pre-owned model, these jets promise to deliver.

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