Hawker Beechcraft Causing Problems In Kansas

Companies all over are trying to position themselves to stay competitive in the current economic troubles.  They are looking for any competitive advantage they can find including seeking incentives from the federal government or any extra help available.  Apparently, Hawker Beechcraft is also looking for these advantages and it is creating a stir in the State of Kansas and with the machinist union workers at their current facility.

It is reported that Hawker Beechcraft has been offered some incentives from the Federal Government to move their operations from their current home in Wichita, Kansas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  This is being offered to the Hawker Beechcraft company to allow for growth and recovery of the gulf coast following Hurricane Katrina.

The problem is that with the assistance of the gulf coast it hurts those families and others in the State of Kansas.  It is reported that the Governor of  Kansas is trying to recover and keep those jobs in Kansas.  It is also hurting the current negotiations with the current contract at Hawker Beechcraft and the machinist union workers.  This is a struggle that many companies face but is hitting home here in the business aviation industry.  We will continue to review the situation with some of the business aviation industry leaders like the Hawker Beechcraft company and the events as the unfold with workers and the State of Kansas.

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