Flying with Fido? Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe

Family with dog in airplaneMany of us believe that our pets are part of the family, and so it is natural that we want to take them with us when we travel for business or on vacations. When your four-legged family member wants to tag along, it’s important to ensure that the trip is an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. To that end, the following tips can help you travel comfortably with your furry friends:

  • Start by making sure your pet’s vaccinations are updated and they are healthy. A visit to the vet before traveling can make a big difference.
  • Do some research before the trip to make sure that where you are flying will allow your pet to enter. If you’re flying internationally, check the local laws to understand the process and paperwork involved with bringing your pet into the country.
  • Ensure your pets have collars with tags containing the complete information needed to get in touch with you in case of separation, wherever you are in the world.
  • Go on a short trip with your pet or pets ahead of time to see how they react to the situation. This way, you’ll know if they get sick while traveling or need to be confined while the vehicle or aircraft is in motion.
  • Choose a reliable harness to secure them in their seat in case of turbulence.
  • Just as you need to drink plenty of water when you fly, your pets do as well. Do everything you can to ensure that your pets stay well hydrated on the trip. Also bring enough food to last them through the whole trip — you never know how available your preferred brand of pet food will be in another location!

One hint that has saved many a traveler’s back: choose carriers with wheels. Even a 10-pound dog or cat can get very heavy when you have to carry them for a long distance!

While flying can be stressful for you and your pets, a private jet offers far more comfort to you both than any commercial airline can. A private jet also allows your pets to be near you and close to the people they love, trust, and understand.

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