Why Families with Children Should Always Fly Private

Little pilot.Traveling commercial can be stressful enough — but add pregnancy and/or children into the mix and it can reach new levels of complication. Most scheduled flights won’t allow a pregnant woman to travel after 36 weeks and they can even require a ‘safe to travel’ medical waiver after 28 weeks. Who needs that level of attention?

Private jet operators generally follow slightly more flexible guidelines and can offer flights at later stages with a doctor’s permission. That said, the benefits of flying by private jet while pregnant extend far beyond the privacy intrusion and include the ability to:

  • avoid standing in long security lines
  • enjoy greater cabin and seating space
  • fully recline the seats and even beds

If flying pregnant isn’t hard enough, flying with children can be equally difficult. Baby food, baby milk, and children’s medication can be taken on board a private aircraft without the TSA scrutiny, and special food can usually be provided when required. Passport details are no longer a last-minute surprise because they are worked out in advance before the flight.

Other features that make flying with children on a private jet a no-brainer include:

  • ability to adjust the temperature
  • sitting close to your child
  • avoiding close proximity of too many people during flu season
  • on-board entertainment systems that meet your child’s needs (not the needs of everyone on board)
  • option of crafting your own menu

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can avoid the disapproval of others that inevitably occurs when you mix even the most well behaved children with adults who are less than supportive of parents. If your toddler does throw a fit, you are free to handle the situation without fear of scrutiny from other passengers.

Traveling with your family should be a fun, stress-free experience. Flying private can make it easier to get where you need to go without the worry that comes with traveling with children.

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