Corporate and Personal Private Jet Travel Options

Many people ask what the options are to more traditional travel of commercial airlines.  We know that on a commercial airline flight there are different classes of travel, be it coach, or business class or first class, but what are the options if you want to fly via a private jet?  There are 4 options outside of commercial air travel that should be discussed.  The options are listed as:

  • Private Ownership
  • Charter
  • Jet Card
  • Fractional Ownership

Each of these four types of corporate travel come with their own unique opportunities but none of them can be argued as the best option than outright ownership.  I listed private ownership as the top spot here because that is what makes most sense if your travel extends beyond those of normal passengers in the business sector.  I like the chart and discussion that was put together in the Wheels Up article written by Jeremy R.C. Cox.  This is a great analysis of four types of of corporate travel listed above.  He has listed out the annual costs associated with each option by using a Cessna Citation X and the Pilatus PC12.  The Cessna Citation X is becoming one of my favorites in that category and it was interesting to note his analysis using that model.

The conclusions drawn by Cox in the article state:

“The Magic Formula: After analyzing the numbers listed above, you will see that there is a magic formula that comes in-to-play when you are deciding whether you should rent, or lease, or own. In this case we learn that you will have the lowest operating cost, per flight-hour ‘overall’, if you own your aircraft when your annual utilization is above 240 hours of flight-time.”

Having this type of analysis is crucial to the process of determining your own type of corporate or personal private jet usage.  The analysis includes other costs that are not necessarily included in this formula such as your region, the type of travel you are doing and the Direct Operating Costs (DOC).  This can be discussed at the time you decide on your own corporate jet purchase.

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