How Green Is Your Airport?

AirportGreen practices, including sustainability, aren’t only for aircraft. Airports today have an important role to play in mitigating their ecological impacts. To date, many airports have begun undertaking sustainability projects in not only in response to mandatory regulations, but also to conserve energy, reduce operating costs, and be better corporate citizens in their communities.

Airport sustainability practices

According to the Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA), which has identified a set of well-defined measures and guidelines for airport sustainability, some of the practices airports are implementing include:

  • Participating in LEED programs
  • Using metrics to assess sustainability
  • Implementing recycling programs
  • Improving water efficiency and stormwater management
  • Using electric vehicles (EV) for ground transportation
  • Adhering to sustainable construction practices
  • Activating noise reduction programs
  • Improving indoor air quality

FAA’s green incentives

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has outlined several programs that are meant to encourage airports to become more sustainable. One of these is the Voluntary Airport Low Emission (VALE) program, which is intended to reduce many types of airport ground emissions. Another is the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), which provides grants to public and private entities for airport infrastructure improvement — including airport sustainability planning.

The FAA recently awarded $10.2 million in VALE grants to six major airports. The airports can use these funds for air-quality improvement and emissions-reduction projects, such as acquiring low-emission vehicles, adding EV recharging stations, and automating gates.

While airport sustainability efforts may be less visible than other green initiatives in the aviation industry, small and large airports across the U.S. are jumping on the green wagon. Incentives, government climate mandates, and greater public support mean we should see more airports adopting sustainability initiatives in the coming months.

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Planning a Trip? Try Alaska

Grizzly bears on lakeshore with mountain in the backgroundWhether you’ve visited Alaska in the past or never set foot there before, early autumn is the perfect time to visit America’s last frontier. Alaska boasts 663,000 square miles of forest, tundra, and rivers, and an abundance of natural beauty is everywhere. The state of Alaska is chock-full of opportunities for adventures you simply cannot experience anywhere else in the world. It’s big, wild, incredibly beautiful, and breathtaking in the fall.

Why visit Alaska now?

Here are some compelling reasons to point your compass to Alaska in September and early October:

  • The weather is pleasant. Summer’s heat has passed (along with the mosquitoes), and winter’s chill has yet to settle in.
  • The plants and trees are blooming, and wildlife is active.
  • The daylight hours are still fairly long, so you can make the most of the days you spend there.
  • Aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, is very active during the equinox — September is one of the best times to experience this phenomenon.
  • The summer crowds are gone. Plenty of hotels, lodges, and campsites are available, so you can opt to rough it in a tent or savor the comfort of a fine hotel.


Some places you don’t want to miss on your Alaska visit include

  • Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula — Home of fantastic dining and shopping options plus the Anchorage Museum. The Kenai Fjords National Park is home to sea mammals, thousands of nesting birds, and tidewater glaciers which are best seen from a boat.
  • Juneau — Experience wildlife watching along the Gastineau Channel, the Alaska State Museum, the Mendenhall Glacier, and more.
  • Haines — Witness heart-stopping geography and architectural charm. Stay in the Hotel Halsingland, once Fort Seward’s officers’ quarters and now a rambling hotel with a superb restaurant. In the fall, the Chilkat River hosts some of the largest concentrations of bald eagles in North America — some 4,000 birds!
  • Denali National Park and Preserve — The park is home to Mount McKinley (20,237 feet, the tallest peak in North America).

For private jet owners, the recommended travel method is to fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks, although there are several airstrips in small towns near Denali National Park. Once you’re on the ground, you can rent a car to explore the state or take the Alaska Railroad to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

If you have never traveled to Alaska before, now is the perfect time to go. Embrace the spirit of adventure, and enjoy a trip you will never forget!

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Have Colorful Travels this Fall

Fall leavesAs September draws near we anticipate one of the most spectacular displays Mother Nature has to offer. The red and gold color displays of the changing leaves combine with the crisp clean air of fall to make a perfect day. Let’s take a look at some of the best fall foliage destinations that showcase the beauty of the season.

Aspen, Colorado

This city isn’t named after those beautiful, golden-leafed autumn trees for nothing. Juxtapose shimmering golden aspens and the deep green of the evergreens against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, and you have a picture-perfect view of the season.

When to go? Aspen season is short-lived, so go between mid-September and early October to catch these breathtaking views. Because Aspen is a popular ski resort town, there are plenty of ritzy hotels and restaurants too.

Mount Arashi, Japan

Replace classic Japanese cherry blossoms with beautiful autumn leaves to get the perfect autumn sightseeing trip to Mount Arashi, west of Kyoto City. The best view is from the Togetsukyo “Moon Crossing” Bridge.

When to go? Plan your trip for mid- to late-November for the best views. The Arashiyama Maple Festival is November 8th, so plan your trip accordingly.

Glacier National Park, Montana

The park’s concessions close at the end of September, meaning most guests have already gone home — you can have the park all to yourself! See the beautiful yellow larch trees along the continental divide for a dramatic landscape.

When to go? Fall comes early in Montana so plan your trip for early September for the best display. Pair the foliage sites with wildlife spotting — bighorn sheep, elk, mountain goats, and even bears are active during the fall season.

Eastern Townships, Quebec

It’s no surprise that the vibrant maple trees with leaves that turn spectacularly red in fall are what make Quebec’s autumn display so vivid and memorable. In fact, at the end of a humid summer, Canadians love nothing more than a good fall festival. Slip on a sweater and check out the Tremblant Symphony of Colours. The festival runs Saturdays and Sundays in September through the first week of October and features fall concerts.

When to go? Visit in mid- to late September for the best colors.

This fall, don’t miss the beautiful displays the earth has to offer you!

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Book a Stay on Your Own Private Island

Is Bali Ha’i — the mythical island from the musical “South Pacific” — calling to you? Bali Ha’i’s real-life counterpart could be yours, at least for a few days. For $150,000 a night (five-night minimum), plus 20% tax, you can book the entire island for your group or event.

Laucala Island, Fiji, is a private resort owned and developed by Dietrich Mateschitz, billionaire co-founder of the Red Bull energy drink company. Although Mateschitz modeled his paradise resort concept on Bali Ha’i in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, the accommodations are anything but primitive.

For $750,000, you get 24 tropical pool villas for up to 72 guests (some hidden in the lush jungle, others perched atop cliffs with spectacular views), all meals and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available at the island’s five restaurants and bars, golf at a championship course, a variety of sports and fun activities, some spa pampering, and even laundry and dry cleaning services.

You can land your aircraft on Laucala’s private airstrip, which accommodates jets with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 40 metric tons. (Larger aircraft must land at the Nadi International Airport; the Laucala resort will transfer passengers to the island for a $600 fee.) So if you’re looking for a new venue for your next party or a place to unwind with friends before your next business trip, a stay on your own private island might be just the thing.

Say Hello to the Fort Knox of Wallets

It’s not uncommon for the jetset crowd to fall victim to petty theft. After all, when you’re always on the go, you’re bound run into situations ripe for thievery ranging from old-fashioned pick-pockets to tech-savvy criminals who use RF devices to steal credit card information.

Now there’s a new and nifty gadget on the market to thwart these thieves: the iWallet. This surprisingly sleek wallet features four layers of protection for your cash, credit cards, and personal information. In addition to being constructed out of space-age carbon fiber or aluminum, the fingerprint security feature ensures the wallet only opens for one person: you. Your iWallet also connects to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or other device and an alarm sounds if they’re separated more than 5 meters. It even features RF shielding technology, which protects your credit cards from RF devices.

Starting at $420, there are four different iWallets to meet your preferences in looks, size, and protection. Whichever one you choose, the iWallet is sure to be more convenient than dealing with the woes of lost or stolen credit cards! Here’s to happier, safer travels.

Need Travel Activities? Go Under the Sea

Planning a trip to China any time soon? If so, you have great timing: A full three years after construction began, the world’s largest aquarium has opened on Hengqin Island near Macao, in China’s southeastern Guangdong province. Guinness World Records confirms that the 125-acre aquatic theme park, called Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, now not only bears the title of largest aquarium in the world, but also snapped up first-place titles for largest underwater viewing dome, largest aquarium tank, largest aquarium window, and largest acrylic panel.

The park holds a whopping 12.87 million gallons of total saltwater and includes attractions like a whale shark exhibit, penguins, polar bears, exotic pantropical spotted dolphins, and Chinese white dolphins.

But if you’re traveling outside of China and are still looking to fill an afternoon between business meetings, don’t worry—there are incredible, unique aquariums all over the world that are worth a visit.

Berlin — the AquaDom

Traveling in Germany? Take a look at the AquaDom. Though certainly not the largest, it’s one of the most unique sea life exhibits in the world, featuring a huge, cylindrical aquarium that you can view from the inside — totally surrounded by water. Located in the heart of Berlin, the AquaDom is just a short walk from Alexanderplatz, Hackesche Höfe, Rotes Rathaus, and Berliner Dom.

Shanghai — Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Speaking of China, you might also want to check out the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Built as a joint venture by Singapore-based Straco Corporation Limited and China’s Poly Group, this aquarium holds the record for the longest underwater tunnel — a full 509 feet. It also contains some endangered species, including the Yangtze alligator and giant salamander, which you are not likely to see in the wild. Visitors find the “round the world” journey fascinating as it takes you through the flooded forests of the Amazon, the rivers of Africa, and the icy waters of the Antarctic.

Durban — uShaka Marine World

Don’t miss South Africa’s uShaka Marine World, located in Durban. This world-class park includes a giant shipwreck and the largest aquarium in Africa. You can immerse yourself into the world of living sharks and get close from the safety of your shark cage. You can also meet dolphins and seals, and feed the rays. Dine in the Cargo Hold, one of the restaurants on property, and watch the sharks swim by as you enjoy your culinary adventure.

Valencia — L’Oceanografic

Holding the record for the largest aquarium in Europe is the breathtaking L’Oceanografic. View more than 45,000 species from three different ecosystems: Antarctic, Arctic, and Mediterranean. As an added bonus, the building’s architecture is nearly as beautiful as its aquatic contents.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom might have captured an impressive array of “world’s best” titles, but there are plenty of beautiful, educational, and awe-inspiring aquariums out there to distract and entertain you and yours while traveling.

Spice Up Mother’s Day Brunch with Travel

Very few meals come with the same level of leisurely indulgence as brunch — that’s probably why it’s a popular choice for Mother’s Day. Unlike the typical grab-and-run meal we’re used to on the weekdays, brunch is a time when we slow down, linger over the flavors and conversation, and share our stories.

Are you ready to serve your Mom a special Mother’s Day brunch this year? If you haven’t finalized your plans yet, consider spicing things up this year and treating Mom to a more exciting version of the classic Mother’s Day outing. Why not take Mom on a trip to have brunch at one of the most unique brunch places in the U.S.?

Here are some options to consider:

Boulette’s Larder San Francisco, CA

With a community table and an open kitchen, Mom will have a great time chatting up the table and making new friends. Chef Amaryll Schwertner studied neuroscience before picking up the ladle, so you can be sure that the food coming out of her kitchen is designed to appeal to the brain as well as your taste buds. It’s classic gourmet with a unique twist, such as hot beignets with rosemary-scented raspberry sauce.

Locanda Verda New York City, NY

Andrew Carmellini, the chef and owner of Locanda Verde, studied cooking in Italy and then used that education to create his own original style. This restaurant is located in Tribeca’s Greenwich Hotel and has celebrity backing from Robert De Niro. It’s an upscale-meets-casual design, so no one has to dress up much. Try their polenta waffles with marscarpone cheese and truffle honey and burnt orange toast for a unique brunch.

Beatrice & Woodsley – Denver, CO

This restaurant blends the whimsical and quirky with a whole lot of history and a love story. The story goes like this: a turn-of-the-century woodsman (Woodsley) settled in the Rocky Mountain wilderness now known as Denver with his French wife (Beatrice). Nestled in a grove of urban aspens is a restaurant that brings the story to life with birch-tree pillars, sculptured leather booths, and lantern lights that play out the rustic American charm. Beatrice’s Scrumptilicious Brunch menu features grapefruit crisp with sweet-salty almond crumbs, sunny eggs with mustard hollandaise, and of course, tasty bloody marys.

Gigi – Miami, FL

Forget the cutesy beach cottages and down-home dining that most brunch places offer; Gigi dishes out one of the best, most satisfying brunches in the nation. It serves Asian-inspired comfort food like rice-crusted French toast with banana compote and tantalizing honey butter. With the light streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows, this brunch will wake up even the sleepiest.

Is a simple local brunch really enough for everything your mother has done for you? This year, give her the brunch she’ll remember all year long!

“Empty Leg” Flights Won’t Replace Private Jet Ownership

There’s been a lot of noise in the private aviation industry about recent trends making private jet flight more flexible. Private jet clubs are springing up everywhere and have been growing in popularity, no doubt because of the indignities and discomfort people experience lately when taking commercial flights. Still, will these new trends focused on getting the most out of a single aircraft really make flying more flexible?

One of the most popular trends right now is chartering “empty leg” flights. These are last-minute deals on seats in empty planes that are being repositioned for someone else. Booking an empty leg flight means you are reducing the price of the plane’s transfer while saving big bucks on a regular charter flight.

There are some definite advantages to empty leg flights:

  • You only pay for what you need (as opposed to buying a jet you only use some of the time).
  • You don’t have to worry about jet upkeep or maintenance.
  • You cut out the middle man and save money.
  • You can reduce the costs even more by sharing the flight with other travelers.

The recent economic downturn certainly levied significant pressure on the business aviation market and surely contributed to the most recent innovations in terms of jet efficiency. However, chartering “empty leg” flights may not be for everyone.

There are some downsides:

  • You have no control over the type of aircraft.
  • You must adapt your schedule to the flight plan.
  • You have no recourse if the original flight is delayed or cancelled.
  • You may be flying into or out of an airport you wouldn’t have personally chosen.
  • Some flights are more popular and thus more available than others (LA to Las Vegas, Boston to NY, DC to NY, for example).
  • If you have a custom trip in mind, you might not be able to secure it —Italy to Saudi Arabia, for example.

Although chartering empty leg flights can fulfill some needs, for anyone who needs reliability, control over their schedule, or travel that is outside the standard routes, a private jet is still the best option.

Top 4 Destinations for Easter Travel

Whether you enjoy the Easter holiday for its religious significance or simply for the eggs and bunnies, there are plenty of fun places to celebrate this iconic springtime holiday. Try one of these unique destinations for an Easter getaway.

Semana Santa in Madrid

The Semana Santa is Holy Week and one of the primary religious celebrations in Madrid, where Easter traditions have existed since the 15th century. There are many parades — as many as 20 in one week! — and traditional ceremonies that ensure you will have something to do every day that you’re there.

If you’re looking for Easter to be a cultural learning experience, Madrid’s Semana Santa is an excellent choice.

White House Egg Roll in Washington, D.C

This year will be the 136th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition since 1878. The Easter Egg Roll isn’t just a great event for the kids: 30,000 adults and children are expected to assemble on the south lawn to join in the fun.

The event features live music, storytelling, cooking stations, and more. You can also pick up a souvenir egg to prove you spent Easter hanging out on the President of the United States’ lawn!

Good Friday and Easter Week processions in Rome

The days leading up to Easter are often filled with religious ceremonies with longstanding traditions, rituals, and high-energy celebrations. If Easter is a religious holiday for you, consider spending it in Rome.

Dramatic processions are a highlight of Easter in Rome, including a 24-hour-long Good Friday procession known as Misteri di Trapani. Many towns hold live Easter plays, and the Pope celebrates mass in St. Peter’s Square.

Red Rocks Sunrise Service in Denver

Many places have sunrise services to celebrate Easter. One of those is perhaps most notable for its location: Red Rocks, the stunningly beautiful outdoor amphitheater near Denver, Colo. There’s free admission and parking, although a donation of non-perishable foods is requested.

The Reverend Dr. Jim Ryan has been holding this service for over 13 years, and this is to be his final Easter service. More than 10,000 people attend every year.

Whether you want a spiritual journey, a cultural and educational experience, or simply a fun trip this spring, a visit to one these destinations might be just the thing to help you shake off the winter blues and get ready for summer.

Any Hour Can Be Cocktail Hour

You’ve finished business for the day, and now it’s time for entertaining. Indulge tastefully with the Billy Reid Kentucky Cocktail Set, everything you need for drinks in a limited-edition handcrafted leather bag from the Coach + Billy Reid collection.

The Kentucky Cocktail Set includes a leather folding case lined in a custom jacquard print that conceals three leather-wrapped, hand-blown glass flasks, two shot glasses, a folding bar knife, a cocktail spoon and fork, and a cocktail napkin. Sterling silver Coach + Billy Reid engraved caps top each flask.

As Billy Reid explains, “I used a travel bar set for years. When visiting the Coach archives, I saw pieces related to entertaining and wanted to include something in this collection. There are three flasks: Fill one with bourbon, one with gin, and one with vodka. This gives you options.”

Priced at $600 with complimentary delivery, the Billy Reid Kentucky Cocktail Set combines convenience with style, so you can keep a bit of rest and relaxation always close at hand.