U.S. Open Causing Some Private Jet Traffic Concerns at Monterey

I love playing golf and watching golf is almost as fun.  This weekend is the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.  The airport that is going to be servicing the U.S. Open for many of the private jets used by companies, sponsors and players is the Monterey Peninsula Airport.  The FAA has issued a statement concerning the traffic concerns that will be a result of the event.

James Babcock, the air traffic manager at Monterey Airport states:

“Starting the afternoon of June 13, 2010 and continuing through the morning of June 21, 2010, we anticipate that the amount of traffic arriving and departing Monterey will likely double.”

They are also like to see the airport fill up with a number of aircraft and they are finding ways to park the number of private jets and corporate jets that they will have at Monterey.  They are asking that other airports be used during the event. Arrival and departure slots will not be required, but the NBAA recommends that operators contact their FBO’s in advance if operating in or out of MRY during this event.

It would be interesting top see all the different aircraft that is being used by corporations or private individuals that are coming in and out of the airport for the U.S Open.  I for one would love to be there to see the event in California.

Talon Air Inc. Adds New Hawker 4000 To Its Fleet

Talon Air is adding to its fleet of private jets by purchasing a new Hawker 4000 super midsized jet from Hawker Beechcraft Corporation.  The release of June 8, 2010 indicates:

Talon Air Inc., a global leader in private jet charter and aircraft management, announced today that it has purchased a new Hawker 4000 super-mid size business jet from Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The addition of this brand new Hawker 4000 private jet aircraft is part of the company’s continued expansion to serve its charter clients. With six Hawker 4000s based at Talon Air’s new 100,000-square-foot private aircraft facility located at New York’s Republic Airport (FRG), Talon remains the fleet leader and has the largest fleet of Hawker 4000 business jets in the world. The new aircraft will help Talon meet the overwhelming customer demand for this aircraft and offer a depth of products that are the most requested in the industry.

The Hawker 4000 is more fully described as:

This private jet is the most advanced and luxurious super-midsize business jet in the world. With its unique composite fuselage the aircraft boasts a six-foot high stand-up cabin from front to back offering the largest cabin in its class. The Hawker 4000 serves as the indispensable business tool, getting charter clients where they need to be with convenience, luxury and peace of mind. Hawker Beechcraft has designed a quiet, comfortable environment ideally suited for working or relaxing.

Of note is the ability for the hawker 4000 to be available to otherwise unreachable airports in places where private jets may frequent but cannot accommodate larger aircraft:

With a 99% dispatch reliability, this private jet stands above the rest of the super mid size business jets such as the Gulfstream 200 and Challenger 300. Its performance has allowed Talon Air to operate from airports that typically can not accommodate aircraft of this size. The Hawker 4000 has opened airports with short runways to Talon’s clients such as Ocean Reef, Florida (4500 feet), Hilton Head, South Carolina (4300 feet) and East Hampton, New York (4255 feet).

The President and CEO of Talon Air, Inc. is very optimistic about this aircraft stating, “In almost every airplane, something has been sacrificed,” said Adam Katz President and CEO. “There’s no compromise in this airplane. It’s very fast, comfortable and efficient.”  Many companies are beginning to add to their fleets in this time of economic recovery in the market.  Now is the best time to buy based on the market.

Business Aviation – The Other Side of The Coin

I had an opportunity to watch a  You Tube video of President Ed Bolen’s discussion of the case for business aviation.  This video was done last year on the Fox Business channel.  Many corporations came under fire last year when government bailouts helped those companies continue to do business.  The citizen auditors were out in full force calling for cutbacks and calling for “luxuries” such as corporate jets to be put aside and cut from the budgets of companies.  As is always the case there is another side to the coin that many do not see and I think that this video gives us an idea of what that other side of the coin may look like.

I am going through a business jet report on the forecast of business jet sales and and state of the business put forth by the Teal Group and will be discussing some of the details of that report but this is perhaps a good place to start with reference to how the current state of business aviation has reached we hope the bottom.  The No Plane No Gain program is a great source for business aviation industry information and is a good place to bookmark for those in the business of business aviation.

Gulfstream Adds Support of Products in China

The corporate jet marketing is rapidly growing in China and Gulfstream is adding some support to Deer Jet of China.  Deer Jet is one of the largest corproate jet fleets in China and Gulfstream announced in its news release on June 1 that it will be adding a support team to handle the company’s fleet of Gulfstream Jets.

Deer Jet owns three Gulfstream G550s, two Gulfstream GVs, four Gulfstream GIVs and four Gulfstream G200s.  The company in China will be getting a maintenance technician, avionics technician and quality-control specialist. In addition, Deer Jet and other regional customers will have access to two Gulfstream interior technicians based in Hong Kong and a Gulfstream field service representative (FSR) based in Beijing.  Gulfstream will also be expanding its presence in China to include the positions of a Product Support regional program director, an international distribution manager for parts and materials, an FSR.

This was interesting information from the release:

According to published reports, China’s private-jet market is expected to grow by a world-leading rate of 15.6 percent from 2009 to 2018. A wholly owned subsidiary of Hainan Airlines Group, 16-year-old Deer Jet grew by 32 percent in 2009 and is projected to grow by 60 percent in 2010. Approximately 30 private jets are currently registered to operate on China’s mainland. Including its in-service Gulfstream aircraft, Deer Jet operates 23 corporate jets, three of which are owned by private customers. This year, Deer Jet plans to add at least 10 new jets, all owned by private customers, to its fleet.

China continues to expand and become a great place for businesses to expand their reach and their sales.  Gulfstream is one of the leaders in the corporate jet industry and we are glad to see them succeeding not only here in the United States but abroad in China.  Congratulations from all of us at L & L International and the Corporate Jet Insider!

Does The Corporate Jet You Want Meet Your Needs?

In choosing your corporate jet, it is imperative that you take a look at your wants and needs and the use of your aircraft and balance that with the characteristics that an aircraft has and provide a checklist of your requirements.  There are characteristics of each aircraft that might be different than a competitors aircraft that might meet your needs better than any alternatives.  A “travel needs” plan is an important factor in finding an aircraft for you or your company.  What are the requirements to meet your travel needs?  There are so many different choices, you should make sure that the aircraft you buy, is the best of what is available.

Your choices may have to do with the number of flights per year, the miles traveled, the maintenance requirements of that travel schedule and the crew needed.  All of these things will help you locate the characteristics you need in making a decision on what aircraft might best fit into your budget, and make the best purchase decision for you.  Do you know what your needs are or do you have a history of what your travel entails?  This is a good place to start.

Making a list of all of the available aircraft and then making sure each aircraft has a list of pros and cons can make the decision easier when purchasing a corporate jet.  If you have a professional that can assist you in finding what is available and then can sit down with you to list out all the characteristics of that aircraft you will come out feeling good about your purchase.  This is an investment like any other and to find the proper aircraft for your investment is key.  If you would like to find an aircraft that will suit your needs and one that fits into your budget, please contact us.

The splendor of air travel

Let’s face it.  Working in an office all the time typically leaves most wanting to be somewhere else at one time or another.  Well, maybe more often than not.

And in anticipation of that upcoming vacation, the fact that the school year is winding down and the kids soon will be out for summer, it’s really time to be thinking of some cool destinations in which to travel.

For most, that means calling a travel agent or getting on one of a dozen travel booking Web sites and finding the best deals on airfares.  There’s even adventure in that for some obsessive compulsive types who can or will spend as much time shopping for the lowest rates and most perks as they will actually spend enjoying the trip.

But this is where the value of owning one’s own jet really comes in.  The hassles are reduced. The plane is at the hangar. The pilots are ready.  Lodging and accommodations are easy to arrange.  The question then becomes domestic or foreign? Once you decide on that, then the whole mental conversation with yourself changes.

We all know the joy of anticipation that comes from preparing for a trip with the family or with friends.  With children, there comes the teachable moments of trying to help them understand the concept of traveling light.  The whole teddy bear or Barbie collection isn’t going to be needed at Disney World or when you’re hiking the Grand Canyon.  While packing the Wii, PlayStation or the Nintendo DS with a case of games can be fun for the boys, too, bringing 20 games is unrealistic and stands to defy the whole purpose for getting away.

We humans love the sense of adventure.   And just like high school seniors facing “senioritis” at this time of the year, there is nothing like the mental countdown and preparation for going on the next cool trip that causes us to really wish that the work week is fast coming to an end so that the trip can begin.

Think back to the last time you walked out of the office just before your last trip.  There’s that feeling of elation.  You’ve said goodbyes and the receptionist tells you to forget about work.  “We’ve got it handled.  Enjoy your trip!”  How many times have you heard that said? You get home.  There’s last evening packing.  The excitement keeps brewing. If you have kids, there’s those just-before-lights out questions about what the trip will be like.  You go to bed late that night.  You dream of what the trip will be like, too.

The next morning, travel day, you awake.  If you have kids, even if it’s a 5 a.m. crew call, they all spring to life as though they’ve slept for two days.  It’s so easy to get people dressed, suitcases finally packed, loaded into the car.  HVAC turned up/down depending on your whereabouts. Lights on timers to make it look like your home.  Kids in the car.  Alarm triggered.  Doors locked.  It’s time to go.

Now at this point, isn’t it easier to be thinking about going to your own terminal to get on your own plane instead of going to the airlines?

More benefits to flying on a private, corporate jet v. flying on an airline

We’ve said before that there are incredible benefits to flying on a private corporate jet.  Without question, such an opportunity has multiple advantages including concerns about time, flexibility, safety and privacy.   One need not forget they also can be leased for personal travel as well.

With a private jet one gets to miss out on the lengthy mandatory TSA security screening lines.  How many times have you heard to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight time when traveling on an airline?  With a private aircraft, the relationship is reversed.  The plane is waiting on you, not you waiting for the plane.

There are a limited number of places in the world where an airlines aircraft is permitted to land.  It’s expanded greatly over the past 50 years, however, there are several thousand more landing opportunities with a private aircraft than there are with airlines.  Again, this saves time.  Lots of time in either waiting for an airlines puddle jumper or drive time and back for not landing where you wanted to go in the first place.
And then there are the many amenities of flying on a private aircraft.  No more crammed leg room.  You don’t have to worry about the mysterious person who sits down in the seat next to you who smells funny, acts funny or worse, is a non-stop talker and you’re worn out by their life story before they close the cabin door and ask for everyone to turn off their cell phones.
No, the private jet goes beyond such.  There are an array of FAA approved electronics that are being installed on private planes from stereo systems, arm chair televisions, even WiFi computer access.
When was the last time you tried to spread out on a commercial airline and get some serious work done when you flew?  Unless you’re in first class, that’s not real easy in coach.  If fact, in coach, it’s darn near impossible.  Ever sit a couple rows back of someone working on a laptop on a flight and read what they’re working on? That sort of thing doesn’t happen on a private aircraft.
These are just a few of the benefits of private air travel.  They also can be vitally important.  What are some of the added benefits you see in flying this way over flying on an airline?