Flight Safety

Orlando Sentinel Sheds Light on Concerns About Airline Safety

A recent article from the Orlando Sentinel highlights the fact that the Congress is about to approve legislation that will make airline flight safer going into the future, require greater training for pilots and co-pilots.  And that’s good, but there are few things better than owning one’s own aircraft, having a positive relationship with the pilots and knowing that the aircraft is being maintained to personal and FAA standards without the hassle of using an airline.

And, according to the paper, the “economic hardship caused by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the current recession have strained the airline industry, contributing to inadequate training, pilot and controller fatigue and a steady drain of experience, experts say. Intense competition, incessant weather delays and tight security have applied even more pressure.”

For information about airline safety the Aviation Safety Reporting System provides an expansive database of information.

Now, given the option of flying on an airlines jet versus flying in your own, which would you pick?

What impact is the economy having on airline safety?

Bill Voss,the CEO of the Flight Safety FoundationFlight Safety Discussed on FOX News, has been on FOX News this morning to talk about the impact the economy is having an adverse impact on airline flight safety.  He says we’re in one of the safest flying periods ever in airlines histories, but with the tighter economy, things are riskier than normal and worse than they should be.  This really sounds like the best time to buy a jet of one’s own so that business executives can avoid the hassles of airport security as well as fly in a safe piece of equipment that they own and are assured is safe to fly on.