Can The Crew of Your Aircraft Save Your Life?

I was reading recently from an article written in Wheels Up by Susan Friedenberg called “Is The Person In The Back of Your Private Aircraft Trained To Save Your Life?”. I am not sure there is ever a time when you would want to respond to that question in the negative.  It was interesting to note that not all aircraft attendants are “certified”.  Friedenberg states:

Non trained or unprofessionally trained  people acting as a corporate flight attendant and being listed as a passenger on the aircraft manifest or listed as a “cabin server” is beyond dangerous. It is unacceptable and a liability for an industry that is responsible for keeping people, including corporate executives, safe.

As not only a corporate executive myself but also a husband, father, son and friend I can assure you I would like to be as safe as possible on any flight I take be it on a private jet, business jet, commercial airliner or a bus ride across town.  The article is worth reading, and if you are a private jet or corporate jet owner, it might be a good time to go over your current operation and audit your crew as to their qualifications.  The writer provides her own thought here:

I think it is time for corporate aviation passengers to start asking who the people are in the back of their aircraft whether it is a Part 91 or a Part 135 operation, and if they are corporate aircraft specific trained.

When it is time to save a life, it might just be yours they are saving.  This might not be a place to go with the easy way out.

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