A Business Jet Buyers Market But Buyer Beware

It comes with the old saw of “buy low and sell high” as we have been taught from the beginning of business 101.  In recent years the grim reaper seems to have gripped the economy and there seems to be a lot of gloom and doom in every corner of the business aviation industry.  The good news for those that are looking to purchase a business jet is that this is a buyer’s market.

The industry is seeing good prices throughout each class of jet available. The used jet marketplace is seeing great pricing for those in the market and the charter business is still pretty solid which makes owning a decent option.  This is not to say that all of the used jets on the market are a good buy. A buyers market can be a great time to purchase but when buying you must do your homework to make sure that what you are getting is truly a bargain.

Due to the increased inventory and the lower prices it can be a tough choice as to which jet may be the best to put into your asset column.  With the economy may jets are being repossessed or have sat without being used for a while and their maintenance may not be up to date, costing the potential buyer a large fee to get it up to date.  Paying attention to the jet you are buying is important.  You should have someone that is an expert in assessing value based on the needs  you have and the information provided by the seller to make your purchase the best possible it can be.

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