Bombardier Introduces New Global 5500, 6500, and 7500

Bombardier has long been a leader in the private aircraft industry. For 50 years, the company has offered elite and innovative designs, ultimately creating one of the most comprehensive fleets in the industry. 2018 appears to be no different. In fact, Bombardier is celebrating the introduction of its three newest members: The Global 5500, 6500, and 7500. Each brings with it exclusive luxuries and top-notch technology.


Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect with each new jet.

  • Global 5500 — As the company announced in late spring of this year, Bombardier anticipates the Global 5500 to enter service in late 2019. Featuring brand-new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the jet boasts top-notch fuel efficiency and, in turn, a reduced environmental footprint. Promising to continue the Global’s reputation for a smooth ride and long range, the 5500 features the next-generation Global wings and has a range of up to 5,700 nautical miles, up from the 5,200-nautical–mile range of the Global 5000. The Vision Flight Deck boasts the first business aviation application of a combined vision system, integrating infrared and synthetic vision. As for the passenger experience, Bombardier has integrated cutting-edge technology, including the first 4K-enabled cabin and Ka-band technology, connecting passengers fast and keeping them in touch no matter where they are.
  • Global 6500 — Similar to the 5500 in many respects, the Global 6500 promises many of the features you would expect from a Global jet, including the same patented Nuage seats and 100% fresh air as the Global 5500. Additionally, the 6500 will also boast an increased range, with a reach of 6,600 nautical miles. It will have the ability to connect London to Hong Kong and is the farthest-reaching jet in its class. In addition to sharing the new safety, comfort, and efficiency technology of the 5500, the Global 6500 includes many added comforts. The new jet will have the widest cabin in its class, offer the first en-suite standing shower, and come fully equipped with new cabinets and appliances in the deluxe kitchen.
  • Global 7500 — Unlike the 5500 and 6500, which should enter into service in the latter part of 2019, the Global 7500 is making its way into the market this year. The largest and longest-range in the world, this model is a rebranding of the 7000, which debuted in November 2016. Bombardier announced this change after the jet’s flight tests revealed an unprecedented range of 8,861 miles, according to the Robb Report article. The 7500 will be the first jet with Bombardier’s much-anticipated Nuage seats and comes in a variety of floor plans and features four separate living spaces. Bombardier plans to begin delivery of the 7500s later this year, following FAA certification, and the Bombardier completion center in Montreal received delivery of the first customer-owned 7500 in June.

Bombardier has always been a reliable provider of cutting-edge private and business jets, and this year’s additions are no different. If you are in the market, these new aircraft models promise to be tops of their classes, and your options don’t end there. Bombardier jets include excellent options for every traveler and, with their history of quality, if you can’t wait for the release of these newest models, a preowned Bombardier could be a strong option for your next business or private jet.

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