This is the story of how passion first took flight. How the vision of Marcel Dassault became the conviction of Dassault Falcon. How beauty inspired performance, and how success continues to prevail from high performance business jets engineered with passion. The Dassault story starts with an unconditional commitment to create brilliantly powerful business jets. One look at Dassault and you’ll see they’ve delivered just that since day one.

What makes a Falcon a Falcon: The passion to deliver fast, flawless jets; the insight to utilize coveted Dassault Aviation brilliance; and the ability to create every part of every Falcon under the Dassault Falcon name. A Falcon leaves nothing to the chance of outside vendors. Innovative aerodynamics, integrated design, stringent, quality-controlled manufacturing, systems development and intuitive flight deck designs bear the Dassault Falcon mark of precision and craftsmanship.

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