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Four Eco Trends in Private Jet Industry

green_jetLast month, Russ Alan Prince wrote an article for Forbes that suggests eight trends in private jet travel. One was a move toward eco-friendly ways of designing and manufacturing private jets, which is a trend that should bring some exciting innovations to the industry. Today’s aircraft are up to 70% more efficient than their 1970s predecessors when it comes to fuel burn.

But innovators aren’t satisfied with just fuel efficiency.

Reducing emissions

The aviation industry has taken on a daunting goal of reducing current carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. In order to do this, manufacturers are looking at simple changes that can create big fuel savings. The Airbus Concept Plane uses a curved tail and wing that move while in flight to create less drag and attain greater fuel efficiency. Their design mimics movement seen in nature, from the inspiration for many new innovations.

Ecological interiors

The interior of private jets will become more eco-friendly in the years to come, too. The Airbus Concept Plane imagines using all renewable plant fibers in the interior. Using more environmentally friendly materials won’t cut down on the style and comfort, though. Manufacturers are upping the refinement of materials, style, comfort, and technology while creating spaces that aren’t taxing the environment.

Earth-friendly manufacturing

Dassault claims to have the “most eco-friendly jets on the planet.” The manufacturer is committed to making the entire process eco-friendly, from mining the resources that build their planes to the recycling process at the very end of the jet’s lifecycle. Even Dassault’s manufacturing plant is constantly working to use fewer resources. It’s reduced industrial gas by 30% and water by 70%, even though overall production has increased.

Looking forward with NACRE

NACRE, the E.U.’s New Aircraft Concept’s Research project, is working to create new concepts in aircraft design that will lower fuel and other costs while increasing eco-friendliness and performance. The group predicts air travel will double in the next 20 years, which could be tremendously damaging to the environment if aircraft efficiency isn’t improved. Their goal is to create new concepts that can be used on a range of aircraft that “improve quality and affordability, whilst meeting the tightening environmental constraints.”

These certainly won’t be the last we see in eco-friendly improvements. Consumers are demanding their products use fewer resources and have smaller carbon footprints. That includes private jets. The industry is only predicted to grow, and we’re always excited to see innovative ideas in jet design and manufacturing.

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